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In-person lessons with  an experienced educator & tutor in Pensacola. 

Post secondary education, homeschooling & K-12


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How I can help

Specialized in designing & tailoring lessons to enhance your learning, build your confidence, improve knowledge retention, and expand your problem solving & critical analysis skills.

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Teaching Philosophy

The most important job for an educator is to create and nurture an energetic and safe environment, where critical thinking is fostered, and students can learn and engage with the material and receive appropriate challenges to grow academically.

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Using effective teaching methods and one-on-one time with students, I can assist students in making contributions in their respective fields of interest, and expressing their research ideas and theories effectively. 


Course Design

I design my courses for students to get the most out of their time spent earning their degree or continuing their education, produce their own exceptional scholarly work, and learn best practices for ensuring a successful career after graduation.



Learning can be fun & memorable. Why waste time? Let's make the most of our learning experience.

I use multiple learning styles & teaching methods to ensure students gain a deeper understanding of material, strengthen their recall & ability to apply their knowledge to problem solve.

I look forward to helping you take the next step for your education.

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About Me

I have a Ph.D. in Linguistics & Cognitive Science, M.A.s in Linguistics focusing on phonology, morphology, & syntax of language, specifically English & Persian (Farsi), and a B.A. in English Literature from the University of West Florida.

I've taught English, writing, grammar, communication & test prep in Gifu & Nagano, Japan,  ESOL composition, public speaking (presentations), & grammar at Syracuse University, & linguistics at the University of Arizona. I've taught students how to write research papers & analyze literature using various formatting styles (APA, MLA,  Chicago) I've worked with students with ADHD & Dyslexia, helping them use their strengths to excel. 

Currently, my hobbies include starting a business, caring for chickens & learning wood whittling. My weekends involve a lot of baking, hanging out with the family, walking, hiking & watching Godzilla movies. When time permits, I pour over math puzzles & other new things to learn.


To ensure the best possible progress, the material for each private course below is adjusted to your educational or business needs, learning style, time frame, and your personal learning objectives.


Tutoring k-12

Strengthen your understanding of the basics, increase productivity, improve grades, invest in your growth. Areas: Math,  editing work, language arts (grammar, comprehension, inference, vocabulary, public speaking, & composition).


Homeschooling Lessons

Inter-disciplinary and single-subject lessons tailored to student & parent objectives.

Fun & creative custom made lesson plans designed with student's interests, strengths, & desired progress in mind to help your young one confidently cruise through learning.



Test Taking Strategies


Enhance speed, comprehension, inference, & critical analyses of texts.  Assistance in writing structured, coherent compositions with a strong thesis. Tips and tricks to improve understanding of math concepts, to use context clues to solve problems, & improve score.


Persian (Farsi)

Learn Farsi for personal growth, travel, communication, business, or to surprise a friend. Learn to speak, understand, generate replies in real time, and read & write Farsi. Perhaps even learn to translate a recipe & make a traditional meal.



Improve your communication or  written skills, fine tune your skills to enhance your understanding of language implications.

Work with a linguist who can help you use your first language to boost your second or third. 


Writing Course

Learn to write well. Create strong pieces of work & elevate how you express yourself. Enhance your skills in writing essays, literature analyses, or research papers (MLA, APA & Chicago Style), emails, proposals, and grants.

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