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To ensure the best possible progress, the material for each private course below is adjusted to your educational or business needs, learning style, time frame, and your personal learning objectives.


Tutoring k-12

Strengthen your understanding of the basics, increase productivity, improve grades, invest in your growth. Areas: Math,  editing work, language arts (grammar, vocabulary, public speaking & composition).


Homeschooling Lessons

Inter-disciplinary and single-subject lessons tailored to student & parent objectives.

Fun & creative custom made lesson plans designed with student's interests, strengths, & desired progress in mind to help your young one confidently cruise through learning.


Test Taking Strategies


Enhance speed, comprehension, inference, & critical analyses of texts.  Assistance in writing structured, coherent compositions with a strong thesis. Tips and tricks to improve understanding of math concepts, to use context clues to solve problems, & improve score.


Persian (Farsi)

Learn Farsi for personal growth, travel, communication, business, or to surprise a friend. Learn to speak, understand, generate replies in real time, and read & write Farsi. Perhaps even learn to translate a recipe & make a traditional meal.



Improve your communication or  written skills, fine tune your skills to enhance your understanding of language implications.

Work with a linguist who can help you use your first language to boost your second or third. 


Writing Course

Learn to write well. Create strong pieces of work & elevate how you express yourself. Enhance your skills in writing essays, literature analyses, or research papers (MLA, APA & Chicago Style), emails, proposals, and grants.

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